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Monday, January 30, 2012

Felty Flowery Scarf!

Chelsey (works at our store) made the cute scarf from felt.
You can too!


          Cut a bunch of flower shapes from felt.

IMG_7534.jpg                 IMG_6852.jpg
Hand sew them together and scrunch them tightly while doing that.

                                                   Sew them onto a four inch strip of felt.






Sunday, January 22, 2012

New classes listed!

Class Schedule

Basic Sewing Machine $15.00

What makes this thing tick?

How can I understand tension?

What kind of maintenance should I be doing?

Why does my machine always jam?

Let’s explore the answers to all of these questions.

It’s important to be comfortable with your machine and understand its functions.

You will soon discover that it is really your friend not your frustration.

Saturday February 11th 10am-12pm


Tuesday March 13th 1pm-3pm


Saturday April 21st 10am-12pm

Beginning Serger $20.00

The most important thing about a serger is understanding how to thread it. That is also the most intimidating thing.

Together we will work on helping you become very comfortable and familiar with the threading.

We will also explore the basics,

Starting and stopping a seam

Corners inside and outside


Tuesday February 14th 1pm-3pm


Saturday March 10th 10am-12pm


Tuesday April 10th 1pm-3pm

Freemotion Quilting $20.00

Learn to freemotion quilt any size project on your regular sewing machine.

Your only limitation to your creativity is you.

We will direct you to handy tools.

You will learn to become more comfortable so that you can do it yourself and not send your quilts out to be quilted.

Friday February 17th 10am-12pm


Friday March 9th 10am-12pm


Friday April 27th 10am-12pm

Foot of the Month $5.00

February Coucing Tuesday February 21st 1pm-3pm

March Ruffler Saturday March 24th 10am-12pm

April Pintuck Tuesday April 24th 1pm-3pm

Each month we will feature an accessory.

We will teach you its use and if you purchase it on the day of the class you will receive a 25% discount on the featured item.

*Classes need to be paid for in advance

*Machines must be in good working condition

*If you do not have a good working machine you can use ours. (advance reservations required)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy New Year!

It has been so beautiful here in central California!
It is hard to believe it is January!

Your Christmas tree and your vacuum are not friends.
We see many vacuums in for repair this time of year.
Many of the needed repairs are due to vacuuming up the needles of the tree.
Remember to check to see if your vacuum has gotten clogged with pine needles so it does not overheat and quit all together.
We repair all makes and models of machines so if you need expert help we are avaliable.