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Monday, November 26, 2012

Old, White Fence Wood!!

So... we've been wanting to make a headboard for our bed out of some old weathered wood.... but we didn't have access to much of the good stuff. We actually got some newer wood, and we were going to cheat and make our own "weathered" wood by beating it up, then staining it. We had all the supplies and everything... THEN right before we started, I told a friend about the look we were trying to create and she took me to a junk pile she had access to. Someone had just torn down an old white fence!!! It was perfect.

We came home from the junk pile with enough wood to build our headboard, and still have some left over to make signs and other fun stuff to hang around the house!

These are the pieces we chose for this particular project. They were pretty dirty, so we had to hose them off and scrub them to get the dirt off. This process took longer then my patience wanted to allow because it's the colder season and it took a day or two for the wood to dry.

Once we got this all cleaned up we nailed them all to some supporting wood so they could stand up behind the bed. Then... we let them dry a little longer!

Once it was completely dry, we took it upstairs and installed it! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

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