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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009

So I got up the other morning with every intention of working on the "Dot Com" class sample before I went to work....It all started with feeding. Lizzie, our cute corgi, didn't want to eat -Unheard of! She didn't even get up, good grief! So I called her over and decided that she seemed depressed. So I called my mom, who was away house sitting, to ask her what I should do...and she told me to change her food. "Ok," I thought, "no big deal." Right. By this time, our cat, Zombie, whom we affectionately refer to as the cog, because she wants to be a dog!, had come inside and was climbing up the sofa behind the table. Great. So I moved the table away and got her out, only to have to keep chasing her away from poor Lizzie's food bowl, so that Lizzie could eat!
When everyone had finally eaten, I turned on my computer to take care of some homework, really quick. Yeah Right! My brand new laptop computer, wouldn't start. I began wondering if I should go back to sleep and wake up later to a new start! Someone told me that I should have sat down and wrote a country song!
Well, all of that to say, I didn't make it to "Dot Com" that morning. But It is finished now and class scheduling is in the works! So look for it - it's the curved piecing class!

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