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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

Wow! What a crazy 2 weeks it has been! Despite the challenges presented, there was also lots of room for fun. This weekend a group of us went out to 46 east and via telescope, were able to see Jupiter, along with some of its rings and moons! So way cool! It has me itching to take an astronomy class....maybe some day!
Now I know I have mentioned Zombie before, and I have another crazy story about her! A cat with her personality is bound to provide endless entertainment...
So my sister took her down to the vet's office this week to be spayed. The vet informed us that she needed to do as little activity as possible for the next 5 days. Yeah right- Zombie, not running around? This presented us with quite a challenge. So it was decided that she would live in the bathroom for the next few days in order to give her some space, but limit her activity. What a mess! So first off, I kept forgetting that she was in there when I would open the door and come face to face with another creature, I nearly had a heart attack! Then she would play with everything in site. We found all kinds of stuff, hair clips, bandaids...you name it, in the hall way that she had thrown under the door. She played with the door stopper all night long. But the icing on the cake was when she "locked" us out! Some how she managed to open the drawer right by the door, and it blocked us from opening it more than just a crack. A stuck, swollen wrist and a wooden spoon later, Becca and I finally managed to close it and get in...
I am happy to report though that she is fine and back in her home environment, much to Lizzie's relief. She was missing her companion!
I am looking forward to what is hopefully a more relaxing week full of lots of sewing! Happy stitching.....

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