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Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28,2009

This weekend we took those crazy high school kids hiking up Bishop's Peak, one of the central coast's seven sisters. I had never been on this particular hike and was really excited to go. We had things timed so that we could watch the sunset from the top....Of course, even the best plans sometimes get way laid!

Nacho was concerned that she wasn't going to make it to the top, so I told her I would hike with her....but after a short distance, both she and Jessica decided there was no way they were getting to the top! So I hiked on, by myself for a while since the rest of the group had long since passed us; a few of our young macho men had ran to the top. After a while, I met a young girl hiking alone down the mountain. She said I still had a ways to go. (Funny but her name was Courtney too.) So needless to say, I was pretty pleased with myself when I caught up to the rest of the gang and then even beat them to the top! The top was the craziest part of the hike...narrow paths with overgrown brush, hugging rock sides and then trying to climb up them...but the reward was worth it! I had seen the sunset about 3/4 of the way up but got to see the moon rise over the top. It was a beautiful half moon, surrounded by a sprinkling of stars...providing us with a perfect moonlit hike back down. Now I am a runner and consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but this hike was 3 days ago and I am still sore!

I love to see all of creation around me, singing praise to the Creator. His beauty is what stirs in me a desire to design something beautiful....Currently I am working on a vintage dresden plate and am hoping to have that class up and coming for the new year so keep your eyes open for it and happy sewing!

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