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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20,2009

Wow, so that rain turned into a totally crazy storm! The power was out forever....I was driving home that night and the whole town looked abandoned: it was so dark cause everything was closed down...even the traffic lights were dark! Thankfully, the power is back on and things are up and running....
It's cloudy today but the past few days have been so beautiful as we experience a central coast autumn. Although they are few and far between the oak trees, there are a few colorful, deciduous trees to be found here in town. We spent a couple hours this weekend just appreciating their beauty...
So as we head into the "quilting season," we have 2 binding workshops coming up so that your treasures can be completed with a perfect binding. Check out workshop times at our website:
www.atascaderosewingandvacuum.com. Can't wait to see all of your projects! Happy sewing!!!

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