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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

I can still remember the first party I ever attended that had any dealings with Christmas ornaments. Even now the memory makes me laugh, although it was many years ago....

The Taste of Home Cooking Show, held at the local fairgrounds, was quite a hulabaloo in our small community. I remember how excited and grown up I felt to be going with my mom, her friend Keena, and my little sister, to what was sure to be a delicious event! I actually remember very little about the show itself, funny how that works out. What I do remember, was the door prize that we all received: Campbell's snowman Christmas ornaments. Now these were awfully ugly, I don't think I ever heard of anyone thinking they were cute cause they just weren't.
My mom was hosting the Piecemakers annual Christmas party that year and had yummy snacks and fun games lined up. These ladies had come to win some serious prizes! Name the block was the game at hand. 12 traditional quilt blocks had been made and displayed, every woman writing down the name to as many as she could remember. I have no idea what the winner won, but I'm sure it was lovely. The loser was not so fortunate however, for she took home a booby prize: an ugly Campbell's soup snowman Christmas ornament collection! Having been a joke from the start, those silly things circulated through many ornament exchanges for years. I wonder where on earth they ended up? Someone who wasn't in on the joke must have thrown them out or something.....

Well as we gear up for the holidays here at the shop, we are looking forward to the cookie exchange and ornament make! I have several cute patterns to chose from so come on down and bring some of your favorite cookies to share!

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